Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Baby Bottle Giveaway

Contest that i wont miss it........its totally worth for me as long as i'm not working is my hobby now.....

Set 1 : 3 x Siliskin & Evenflo Glass Bottles (size of your choice) - value up to RM150

Set 2 : 1 x set of Thinkbaby BPA Free Bottles & a Thinkbaby Sippy Bottle Conversion Kit (size of your choice) - value up to RM137

that's all.....

for more info, uolls can check it out at BPA-Free Feeding Products

Two winners will be selected for this contest.....

interested to take part for this contest? just click this link.

it will be end 24 July 2009.........

Wish me LUCK for my Princess......

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