Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pink & Pigtails Giveaway....

Pink & Pigtails made a Giveaway!!!

So i must love to join this opportunity....

cute huh?
this is the cute one......more cute when my princess wear it on her head huh?

Chandra, owner, designer and Mom of 3, comes up with the most amazing and unique hair accessories imaginable. Her creations are perfect not only for babies, but girls and teens too! "Hair Embellishments For The Little Lady In Your Life" at affordable prices you will just love.

This Giveaway will ends August 2, better u grab it now.....

Just click on the image or link ab0ve...

1 comment:

kakyong said...

byk nyer giveaway..
tak larat nak layan... bulan ni jer ntah brp byk giveaway & contest..
tp yg ni cam senang jer.. nak coba jugak lah..

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