Friday, July 10, 2009

TAG fr0m My SiS

aku dah dapat tagged ni lama wei.......sape lagi yg nak bagi aku tagged? huhuhu adik aku la....hani....banyak plak tu soalannya.....

dah buat dah masa memula dapat tuh, tapi aku heran xboleh nk aku kene la type balik ni ha.....

1. What have u been doing recently?
^_^ argghhhhh.......i'm worried h0w to get m0re client.

2. Do u ever turn ur cellphone 0ff?
^_^ n0p.....cann0t business n sales are depends fr0m my handph0ne

3. What happened at 10 am 2day?
^_^ company my m0m went to my nanny's house.....(nanny xtahan)

4. When did u last cried?
^_^ last m0nday! huh i hate that day!

5. Believe in fate/destiny?
^_^ n0t really

6. What do u want in ur life n0w?
^_^ Wah...... Success in my careEr ....

7. D0 u carry an umbrellawhen its rain or just put up ur ho0d?
^_^ Huh....i always bring my umbrella inside my car

8. What's ur favourite thing to do on the bed?
^_^ huh.......y my answers is same with my sis?

9. What bottoms r u wearing n0w?
^_^ important meh?

10. What's the nicest thing in ur inbox?
^_^ inbox? handphone or email? n0thing!

11. Do u tend to make relationship to make complecated?
^_^ huh dunn0 la

12. Are u wearing anything b0rrowed fr0m anyone?
^_^ let me think.......huh....this laptop brother's laptop.....he got 1
from the latest company.....then the old 1 he just left at i can use

13. What was the last m0vie u caught?
^_^ Terminat0r salvati0n......with my s0n n my sis....

14. What r u proud of?
^_^ My siblings n my parents off course!!!!

15. What does the oldest text messages in your inbox?
^_^ from my best fren, Leah....What's done can't be undone....

16. What song the last song u sang outloud?
^_^ ha? frankly i can't remember

17. Do u have nicknames?
^_^ alyn la family dulu skolah agama diorang panggil
HANIM....iyakkkssss.....then skrg rakan sekerja panggil ROS la plak....

18. What does the newest text say?
^_^ from Lina Cake........Ok alyn :)

19. What time u go to bed last nite?
^_^ ar0und 0014....late huh?

20. Are u currently happy?
^_^ n0t really.......happy with my childs, yes

21. Who gives u the best advice?
^_^ mommy loh.....

22. Do u eat whipped cream straight from the can?
^_^ no la.....

23. Who did u talked on the phone last nite?
^_^ huhuh miss Lina cake.....i ordered Fondant cake for my brothers

24. Is something bugging u rite n0w?
^_^ n0p

25. Who was the last peson to make u laugh?
^_^ My b0ss...Mr. Jas0N

26. Cho0se ur lucky friends and tag them...
^_^ Mrs Idrawati Marlan.....since u joined blogger w0rld.....well....u must do
this!!! hahahha

1 comment:

ida said...

perh.. balas balik.byk nyer soklan.
tak per kang aku jawab

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